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We created this page to help folks get a better understanding of Estate Planning. Enjoy.

How to have the Estate Planning Talk

It’s a taboo conversation. Most people don’t want to have that talk with their parents. How will the talk go, will they get upset? Cheryl Theriault from Aging Family Services can help you get the conversation started.

Basics of a Living Trust

You’ve heard people talk about Probate. They’ve said it’s long, it costs money and it’s frustrating. In this video, Jeffrey G. Marsocci explains the downsides to Probate and how to avoid it.

The 4 Big Questions of Estate Planning

Estate Planning should not be difficult for the ones making the plan. There are really only 4 decisions to make. The tough part is for your attorney to execute your plan. This video talks about the 4 decisions and how to make them.

3 Reasons for Same-Sex Couples to NOT Get Married

Marriage isn’t for everyone. Sometimes it’s best not to get married. Here are 3 reasons why it may not be best for same-sex couples to marry.

Why I Decided To Focus On Estate Planning

People always want to why “Why Estate Planning?” It’s a story that’s close to my heart and I’m happy to share it.

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