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Behind every book, there is an interesting story to tell. What was the exact motive for me to write The Anti-Probate Revolution? As I was entering my first year of law school my Grandfather passed away. My Grandmother gave me one day for orientation and then began asking questions about my Grandfather’s estate. Questions that I couldn’t answer. Now, since this happened before the internet age, I did what any law student would do, I went to the law library.

I kept looking for answers to her questions, but I also looked for a book that explained why my Grandmother was experiencing so many problems and how to stop it from happening again. I couldn’t find one. It was the librarian who told me about the book, The Living Trust: the Failproof Way to Pass along Your Estate to Your Heirs Without Lawyers, Courts, or The Probate System by Henry W. Abts III. Even though the book is well-written and presents many important facts about Wills and Trusts, it’s over 400 pages long. It’s a great book, one that I used to recommend to my clients. Even though I only asked them to read one chapter and one appendix, the book seemed intimidating. My clients wouldn’t read it.

So, I decided to write a shorter version of Henry’s book. My main focus was to present Estate Planning in a way that everyone would gain the basic understanding of why it’s important, what a Will vs. a Trust meant, and why Probate can be a problem. People like that it’s quick read and in plain English, and that’s why it is now required reading for all new estate planning clients.


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