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I wrote my latest book, Six Steps to Take when Someone Passes On,  because I often see people going through the death of a loved one who want to be proactive and are looking for ways to keep their mind busy during an emotional and stressful time. They’ll think, “We’ve got to put a notice to creditors in the paper” and “Wait a minute, we need to go down to the courthouse and do this…” Suddenly, people want to do all these things that are not part of a coordinated plan.

In my book I talk about the steps needed to get organized, while avoiding the things that may cause a lot of trouble needing to be undone later on. For example, going to court and trying to file papers without talking to an attorney first ends up, invariably, being a lot more confusing and problematic than it needs to be.

This publication and my firm’s new website, will provide information on actions that you can accomplish to get organized and the documentation needed so that when you do meet with an attorney to help with all the legal stuff, you are already that much further ahead.

If you would like a complimentary copy of my book available to North Carolina residents, please visit You may also call our office as well: (919) 844-7993.

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