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What’s Next?

I want to first thank everyone who worked so hard to defeat Amendment One. While we came up short in results, we certainly didn’t fall short in results, we certainly didn’t fall short in strategy or effort. Protect All NC Families did an amazing job, and I know The Human Rights Campaign was proud to be a part of the coalition.

And now, what’s next? I have read a lot of Facebook and Twitter posts from distraught equality advocates. I have read other posts with people mad as hell ready to take the next step. And I have also read posts from people suffering from a little post-election despondency wondering how we can move on. What do we do? Here are a few observations:

When we have a few more days to let the initial post-election let-down wash away and then take a step back, we can begin to see how truly remarkable our accomplishments were. Before this issue, HRC and Equality NC barely spoke. Now we truly count each other as working comrades in a common cause. The number of straight allies who came out to help and support the LGBT community was astounding. And many of us learned how to fight politically for the first time, and we know it won’t be the last.

It’s been said that this isn’t the end but just the beginning. That is very, very true. We will continue to stand up. We will continue to fight. And, eventually, we will win.

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