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Jeff speaks with Jacqi Dix of Personal Access Solutions about the benefits of using an Independent Living Strategist for people with disabilities and seniors who want to remain in their homes.

What is an Independent Living Strategist and how can they help people with disabilities or those who are interested in aging in place?

An Independent Living Strategist can assist people who want to stay in their home regardless of their age or ability.  Often, there are barriers at home that weren’t an issue at one time. However, once there are changes in the resident’s abilities, they become problematic. These barriers include…

Designed to Benefit All People

Jacqui also discusses the importance of Universal Design. Universal Design involves designing products and spaces for use and to benefit the widest range of people of all abilities.  It includes items such as door handles, ramps, hand rails and grab bars Modifications has a functional purpose, but is aesthetically pleasing, as to avoiding looking like a hospital or health care facility.

To get in touch with Jacqi at Personal Access Solutions, please call (919) 267-2610 or visit:

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