By Melissa Havermann – Intern

You are probably thinking, not much. They do in fact have one important fact in common. They all died intestate, which means, without a will.

The reason it is so important to plan ahead is for example, Jimi Hendrix estate. The battle over his estate lasted for over 30 years. To complicate matters, being a musician he still continued to collect money even after his death. In the case of Sonny Bono’s tragic ski accident, he also had no will. It was a battle between the current wife and ex-wife Cher over his estate. Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer, however, he was the first president to be assassinated and to die intestate.

There are several other famous people to die intestate and it causes a headache for the families. It does not matter if you are famous or not, having a will is an important document to have in place. It is a simple process and it saves your family a lot of money and headaches. As illustrated in the examples above, you’re never too young, smart or powerful to have a will.