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Many adult children will travel to visit with their aging parents over the holidays.  If it has been a while since the last visit and you live at a distance, you can use the visit as an opportunity to assess how your parents are getting along in addition to having a lovely holiday visit.

Observe whether your parents look healthy.


If they are supposed to be taking medications, do they take medicine while you are visiting?  You can look at pill bottles for dates that the medications were filled and how many pills were dispensed and do the math.

Have a meal or two together.

See if you can determine changes in their usual social habits.


Other Red Flags

If there is a parent without a spouse living alone? Perhaps this is the time to talk about emergency alert buttons in case there is an emergency or a fall in the home.

If you have concerns, talk to your parents about the issues.  Perhaps bringing in a geriatric care manager to provide a formal, comprehensive assessment would provide peace of mind.  As eldercare consultants, the geriatric care manager can recommend elder care resources to provide support services in the home.

Cheryl Hawkins Theriault and the staff at Aging Family Services, Inc. wish you all a healthy, safe Holiday season and a joyous, prosperous New Year.

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