I hope everyone is having a fantastic Summer! While Kathy and I have managed to get to a few nice locations to enjoy the good weather and places reopening, I have also managed to record videos on important topics related to estate and Medicaid planning. What has made the process extremely easy is being able to use a GoPro that fits into a backpack along with two tripods and the video drone. So now whenever we go someplace interesting, everything I need to record the video is in the one backpack. Practice has also made recording in one or two takes the norm, cutting down on the time required to film and also edit.

Now that I have been working with this type of video recording and editing for several months, it’s time to begin recording longer, specific courses and programs for a wider audience. Right now, I have an Estate Planning Crash Course and a Trust Funding Course prepared, and there are plans to do courses on Medicaid Planning, In-Law Protection Planning, Special Needs Planning, and Blended Family Estate Planning. Within a month or so, we hope to launch these programs for sale to a broader audience. The good news is that these recordings will also be available without an additional charge to our law office’s Peace of Mind clients.

In addition to the educational courses, we also hope to start monthly livestreams for a general audience to ask questions about estate and Medicaid planning along with any related topics. These would also be available through the same platform we are going to use for the video courses, and hopefully we can find a way to make it integrate with YouTube Live and/or Facebook Live.

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it’s that we can be adaptable in our work and research, and so the already growing trend of seeking answers online has taken a giant, and expedited, step forward over the last year and a half. While we’ll continue to update the physical books (and the Kindle versions) as needed, I see video courses as the best step to more easily reach a broader audience and spread the word about good planning.