On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, the Triangle YP (Young Professionals) Civitan club sent 16 volunteers to the Note in the Pocket volunteer center to help sort and process clothing donations aimed at assisting local school children and their families. About one-third of families living in Wake County are living at or below the national poverty line. Note in the Pocket was created to help school-aged children and their families have adequate clothing to not only provide warmth and protection from the cold, but also to have the dignity of current “in-fashion” clothing.

“Triangle YP is thrilled to volunteer with our friends at Note in the Pocket to support students in-need across Wake County,” Civitan project chairperson Avery Goldman said. “Originally, we provided donated clothing through our Warm Clothes drive at our Beer & Banjos event in December. After realizing the extent of the volunteer help needed in processing clothing, the club decided to help out in a more hands-on fashion.”

Civitan volunteers were briefed on the origins of the charity and were given a tour of the facility that focused on the entire process of receiving donations, reviewing them for quality and appropriateness, sorting into relevant age and gender categories, and finally placing the clothing on racks for selection. Once recipients are chosen by school personnel, a range of clothing outfits is assembled and bagged for delivery directly to the child’s home. In addition to helping the actual school children, the adults in the family are often receiving clothing as well.

The night the Triangle YP Civitans volunteered, they were assigned the task of opening the donated bags of clothing, reviewing them for quality and suitability, and finally placing them in piles in the categories of adult male, adult female, boys and girls. “In addition to helping sort clothes and review them for quality, I had the task of making sure the bin of clothing to be processed was kept full and all of the clothing I moved was weighed,” Civitan member Jeffrey G. Marsocci said. “I’m sure I weighed and moved more than 500 pounds of clothing that night. It was a worthwhile volunteer experience for me, and I look forward to working with Note in the Pocket again.”

The Triangle YP Civitan club meets monthly, alternating their meeting locations between Raleigh and Durham. More information on the Civitan club can be found at https://www.facebook.com/TriangleYPCivitan/. Information, including donation guidelines and the history of Note in the Pocket, can be found at https://noteinthepocket.org/.