On September 15, 2012, the Human Rights Campaign worked at Triad Pride in Greensboro where the event was even larger and better than last year. At a time when most people would think that members of the LGBT community and their allies in North Carolina would still be nursing their wounds from the Amendment One fight, people flooded the Pride event and actively sought information on equal rights, health care, and finding ways to help elect pro-equality candidates in November.

The Human Rights Campaign Pride Team from the Triangle and two committee members from Charlotte had several members helping out at the booth; however, the largest numbers of volunteers were local HRC members who learned that help was needed and signed up in droves.

“It was a great to see so many local people come out to help,” Jeffrey G. Marsocci said. “While the Triangle and Charlotte have many organized volunteers, it is important for HRC to know there are many volunteers across the entire state of North Carolina willing to give their time.”

In addition to helping staff the table and sell T-shirts, hats, and bags as well as providing people with free bumper stickers and pamphlets, Mr. Marsocci was also called upon to address the Pride attendees on behalf of The Human Rights Campaign.

“How many of you are registered to vote?” he asked. “Are you
ready to not only vote for pro-equality candidates but also help
out with their campaigns? We have the opportunity in one day to chart the course of our country and promote LGBT Equality policies for the next four years, so please get involved and stay involved.”

The national organization of the Human Rights Campaign predicted that Triad Pride would yield 40 new HRC members. By the end of the day, 111 new members were signed up as members of HRC.

For more information on the Human Rights Campaign in North Carolina, please go to www.hrc.org/northcarolina.