February 2020

What is Medicaid’s Five Year Lookback Period?

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Medicaid's Five Year Lookback Period is probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in long term care planning. The simple definition is that the Medicaid office will look back five years from [...]

Four Roadblocks to Family Long Term Care Discussions

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One of the hardest conversations parents and children can have is around the parents planning for long term care. Unfortunately, there are also some roadblocks to the conversation happening at all. This [...]

Does Medicaid Care About $15K Gifts?

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One of the biggest misconceptions around Medicaid qualification for nursing home care and gifts is the belief that gifts of $15,000 each year "don't count." That is simply not true. There are [...]

The Adjustments: An Opportunity

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Written by Bernie K. a 92-Year-Old Economist Change, especially unexpected change, brings along with it the question of “Where do I go from here?” Often along with it comes a sense of hesitation, anxiety [...]

3 Keys to Finding the Right Care Facility for Mom

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Finding the right care facility for Mom can be a little more challenging than people realize, but there are some key factors to help you add structure to the search. Among the many are [...]