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In trying to provide more effective planning solutions for our clients and the general public, our office has begun working with other professionals to create a comprehensive planning package that addresses not only estate planning with a focus on avoiding probate but also setting up a framework to protect assets from frivolous lawsuits, unnecessary taxes, and even a Medicaid spend down should nursing home care be needed. Even more importantly, we are now working with a company called Loving Care Strategies, LLC (co-founded by Mr. Marsocci) to make these documents more affordable. While other attorneys in the area are charging as much as $12,000 up front for the same documents we are offering, our firm is charging $250 down and $100 per month for five years.

“Many people can’t afford to spend thousands and thousands of dollars up front for the type of protection a Loving Care Strategies plan can provide,” Jeffrey G. Marsocci, Esq. said. “This is similar to the cost of healthcare over a person’s lifetime. Not many people can afford to simply pay $200,000 up front in exchange for all of their healthcare costs being taken care of for the rest of their lives; however, people can afford to budget in healthcare premiums on a monthly basis. Loving Care Strategies in working with us believes that having legal documents for estate planning, lawsuit protection and tax protections can be paid for in the same way. Protecting your family’s fortunes shouldn’t cost one.”

The standard Loving Care Strategies plan includes:

• A revocable living trust (with credit shelter trust provisions for married couples)
• An irrevocable family asset protection trust
• A catastrophic illness “spend down” trust for each individual
• A Veteran’s Pension Benefit trust for each individual veteran who served during wartime
• A Health Care Power of Attorney for each individual
• A Financial Power of Attorney for each individual
• A Last Will and Testament for each individual
• A Living Will for each individual
• A Nomination of Conservator form for each individual
• An organ donation purposes form for each individual

All of these documents also come with other ancillary forms for things like distributing personal possessions to specific people, plans for your funeral, and other matters.

While the marketing and educational materials are still being developed prior to a scheduled national roll-out in the next few months, the actual legal document strategy is available right now in North Carolina. For more information, please contact our office at 919-844-7993.

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