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Do you want A PATH or The BEST PATH for your family? Unfortunately, most families experience a need for long term care at some point in their lifetime. It may be a parent, a sibling, or it may even be you, but there is a good chance that it will impact your life at some point or another. When that happens, don’t go to the Medicaid Office for answers. They are not your friends.

The Medicaid Office is staffed with everyday people, and they often seem very friendly and knowledgeable. In a lot of cases, they are great people, but it isn’t their job to save your family the most money possible. It just isn’t. When you sit down across from a used car dealer, their job isn’t to find you the best deal possible but to get you to spend as much as possible, and people are automatically on guard. And they should be. They may not lie, but you don’t take what the car dealer says at face value either. You don’t assume that everything is just fine with the car you are looking at. You check it yourself. You are assuming something is wrong until you are sure otherwise. And you should think that way. Just because the Medicaid case worker gets a paycheck from the government doesn’t mean they are telling you the 100% truth.

We’ve heard:

  • You need to sell your primary residence and spend all of that money before you’ll be approved for Medicaid. FALSE.
  • You’re going to have to spend the life savings on care until you have less than $2,000 before you’ll be approved for Medicaid. FALSE.
  • Medicaid will have to put a lien on your house and there’s nothing you can do about it. FALSE.
  • And the last big one… let us know if you have any questions because we’re here to help. FALSE.

There’s plenty that can be done, and while the Medicaid case workers are there to provide answers, they are not there to help your family keep everything you are entitled to. There is a big difference between Medicaid case workers guiding you down A PATH to get you or your loved one to qualify for nursing home Medicaid and taking you down the BEST PATH to keep as much as possible. It just isn’t their job to help you keep more. So whose job is it to help you and your family keep the most and still qualify for Medicaid? Us. So who do you really want in your corner when long term care is needed? Us or the government?