The Domestic Partner Planning Guide, a comprehensive collection of resources and educational materials, is now available nationwide at Attorney, author, and national trust planning consultant Jeffrey G. Marsocci created the guide as an e-book and series of more than 12 hours of audio interviews and presentations made available online.

“Partners have tremendous opportunities to avoid disasters to their family in the event of a crisis by planning ahead,” Mr. Marsocci said. “And this is not just a North Carolina problem, but a nationwide problem, even in marriage equality states. Unfortunately, the LGBT community is largely unaware of the best ways to put in place a great plan, and the planning knowledge of most attorneys is sadly deficient. The Domestic Partner Planning Guide is designed to provide this knowledge to partners so they can be on guard against attorneys who say they are experts but who do nothing more than put together simple wills and powers of attorney.”

Some of Mr. Marsocci’s earlier books were designed to show the different opportunities that domestic partners have to plan ahead, but The Domestic Partner Planning Guide provides more of a framework to prepare partners in making the big decisions, organizing their information, and providing guidance on finding the right attorney the first time.

“The two main goals in writing The Domestic Partner Planning Guide were to provide partners with the tools and information to get organized, and then save them a lot of money by putting together a plan the right way the first time,” Mr. Marsocci said. “Far too often I come across partner couples who paid thousands of dollars to another attorney for an inadequate and, frankly, weak plan, and now they have to pay a lot more money to redo things the way they should have been done the first time. My hope is The Domestic Partner Planning Guide will save partners hours of time, tons of frustration, and hundreds or even thousands of dollars.”

The Domestic Partner Planning Guide is published by Domestic Partner Publishing, LLC, and it is available for purchase online at