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It seems that everything these days moves faster, and we just don’t have enough time to look at things as thoroughly as we needed. Even when it comes to topics that can be critical to improving our lives, people don’t have the time to piece together information from multiple sources to see how it applies to them. In short, we’re in an age of “TL;DR” which means we need single sentence summaries because six paragraphs leads to “Too Long; Didn’t Read” habits.

When it comes to legal topics, especially estate and Medicaid planning, there is so much information and disinformation out there, that people get overwhelmed and simply give up. Worse still, people may search for simple answers they want to hear rather than more complicated but factual answers. When you have the equivalent of the Library of Alexandria ten times over available through a smartphone, sifting through hundreds of search results just becomes too daunting.

That is why in an age of TL;DR we are starting to see the emergence of online courses that will curate the right information in easily understood topics and following a logical agenda that leads you down a path to understanding. The key reason I launched the courses I have (and I am still in the process of developing new ones) is so that everyone can learn about these topics through an online environment and not just my legal clients learning one-on-one. So far, we have generated the following courses with corresponding prices:

The Plain English Attorney Series is a subscription series that includes all of these courses, bonus webinars, and more available for $397 for a year or $40 per month, including any new courses that are added. As part of a Mother’s Day special lasting throughout May and June 2022, I am offering access to all of these courses for 50% off using coupon code BETSY50 named after my mother. For the annual subscription, please go to and use the coupon code to get a full year for less than $200. For the monthly subscription, please go to and use the same coupon code to access to all of the courses for $20 per month for a full year.

When it comes to legal topics, saving your time and money is important, but only if you can still get the right information to help you stay safe, plan ahead, and enjoy life.

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