Information Referenced at The Advanced Institute 2010

It was a pleasure seeing all of you at the Advanced Institute this year, and I hope that all of you made it back home safely. As promised, I have several items for you, including the audio recordings of my three presentations. There are also links to purchase my books, some of which are discounted for professionals affiliated with The Estate Plan. Also as promised, we will add you to our newsletter and information distribution list. Please feel free to use the articles in your own newsletters, but please be sure to give me writing credit and provide a link to our website at when you do.

I look forward to working with you, and hope that you will indeed carry the message of living trusts to all who will listen.

Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Raleigh, NC

The Perpetual Family Legacy book ($9.99)

The Anti-Probate Revolution book regarding the avoidance of probate and the virtues of a good revocable living trust. ($7.50; normally $8.99)

The IRA Trust book regarding the benefits of a good IRA Trust to help stretch inherited retirement accounts and preventing waste by the beneficiaries. (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY $5.00; normally $7.50 for TEP-affiliated professionals)

OTHER BOOKS: There are other books available for sale at regular rates, including Estate Planning for Domestic Partners, Estate Planning for Married Couples, and The Joint Property Tax Trap. Please click here

The Perpetual Family Legacy presentation recording. (Free; password was sent by e-mail.)

Maximizing Your Practice presentation recording. (Free; password sent by e-mail).

Escalating Your Seminar Presentations recording. (Free; password sent by e-mail.)

In addition, here is the language that Glen mentioned in his presentation about naming the client’s financial advisor as the advisor for the trust after the death of the Trustors. Please have the attorney review this suggested language to ensure it complies with state law. Please also keep in mind th at as the attorney, I do fully brief the client on the pros and cons of having the advisor appointed within the trust document and don’t just mention it as an afterthought. It actually SHOULD be easy for the Trustee to fire an advisor if things are not working out, but with this language it is clear that the Trustors intend for the financial advisor to continue working with the trust after death. When first discussing this language with Glen, we basically agreed that if the Successor Trustee were to move the business that it would simply not be worth fighting it, financially or ethically. (Link, password sent by e-mail): (

Trust Settlement handouts by Eli Combs (Link, password sent by e-mail):

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