On-Demand Webinars Start With Special Needs Planning

In an ongoing effort to provide quality information on estate and Medicaid planning topics, our office has been conducting live webinars for the last two months. In order to keep this information constantly available, we are turning some of these webinars into free sessions that can be registered for and viewed on-demand. Last month’s live […]

Law Office to Start Webinars

Everything is starting to move to the Internet, and information about estate planning is no different. While our law office has had a web presence since opening about 16 years ago, advancements in technology, the varieties of media, and Mr. Marsocci’s own drive to write has greatly increased the ways we can provide information on life and estate planning. Based in no small part on our success in providing education for partners through a few webinars after North Carolina passed Amendment One last May, we are going to schedule regular monthly webinars on a variety of topics.