7 Traps and 5 Power-Ups -Special Needs Estate Planning

Special Needs Estate Planning

Special Needs Estate Planning There are multiple traps, myths, and outright falsehoods when it comes to estate planning for a special needs beneficiary, and it doesn’t help when these lies spread like wildfire. But why do they spread? Usually, because someone had a single good or bad experience and they wrongly translate that to be […]

Myths of Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning

Updated:  In this outtake from The Advanced Institute, a professional conference for estate planners, Jeff reviews the prevalent myths in special needs estate planning that need to be overcome when discussing planning with clients. Common Knowledge Myths Special Needs Planning Sometimes something that is “common knowledge” is just a myth, and myths are prevalent in […]

Unnecessary Trust Provisions

Unnecessary Trust Provisions

And One BIG Reason to Keep Them Anyway “But this doesn’t apply to us!” It’s common enough to see lots of language in trusts and other legal documents that are ‘boilerplate’ that should stay in anyway. In this blog, I review some of the most commonly questioned provisions and why they should be kept anyway, […]

Anatomy of a Destroyed Estate Plan

Destroyed Estate Plan

Estate Plan Destroyed How do you destroy your own well-crafted, strategically created, solid estate plan in one move? In this podcast, I cover how one of our most airtight estate plans explicitly drafted to benefit a grandson with special needs ended up being placed in jeopardy… because the clients decided to perform their own DIY […]

Legal Information in the Age of TL DR

TL;DR - The Plain English Attorney Series

It seems that everything these days moves faster, and we just don’t have enough time to look at things as thoroughly as we needed. Even when it comes to topics that can be critical to improving our lives, people don’t have the time to piece together information from multiple sources to see how it applies […]

On-Demand Webinars Start With Special Needs Planning

In an ongoing effort to provide quality information on estate and Medicaid planning topics, our office has been conducting live webinars for the last two months. In order to keep this information constantly available, we are turning some of these webinars into free sessions that can be registered for and viewed on-demand. Last month’s live […]

The Clever Attorney

Special Needs Planning - The Clever Attorney

Sometimes, an attorney knowing a lot and then showing it off in the plans they create is not a good thing. Years ago, I had an uncle/trustee bring in his nephew with special needs to review the advice he was getting from the attorney who created an estate plan for his sister and brother-in-law. They […]

Choose Your Favorite Duck

We held a coloring contest at a recent fundraiser we sponsored as part of our “Have Your Ducks in a Row” mantra. Please choose your favorite. You may vote more than once. The winner will receive a gift certificate to Amazon.com. The contest was part of a fundraising event we sponsored for the Bryce Martin […]

How To Tell If Your ASD Child Might Benefit From Dietary Changes

As you may know, a number of my clients have children or grandchildren who have autism or autism spectrum disorders.

One of my clients, Beth Secosky, has seen an amazing reduction in her son’s ASD symptoms through the use of diet. Beth has spent years studying the role of diet in autism and other developmental disabilities and has become a motivational health coach helping parents explore whether diet might benefit their child and how the parents might implement dietary changes.