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Five Divorce Disasters; How to Avoid Getting Screwed in Divorce

5 Divorce Disasters -people sitting at table arguing - The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Have A “Divorce Firewall” Strategy “Five Divorce Disasters” is a review of common divorce disasters that can crush your estate plan and be avoided. A 50% divorce rate is an unfortunate statistic in our current society, and, unfortunately, many people fail to handle divorce properly resulting in a lot of unintended consequences. These negative results go far […]

A Divorce Shield? The Domestic Asset Protection Trust

Asset Protection Trust with Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Asset Protection Trust and Divorce Recently, I’ve seen a trend of people wanting to protect their assets from a potential divorce as part of their life planning before getting married. While premarital agreements have a place, there are some ways to get around some or all of the terms in an agreement, and people want […]

Planning for Divorce Before Marriage?

Planning for Divorce Before Marriage?

A Marriage That Could Go Wrong Over the last few months, several people have approached me about planning to protect them from a marriage that could go wrong. After watching videos and the course on In-Law Protection Planning, they asked about how they could guard against the negatives of a divorce from a possible marriage rather than how […]

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