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Is a North Carolina Revocable Living Trust Right For Me?

North-Carolina-Revocable-Living-Trust-with-attorney-shrugging-shoulders-The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

“Is a North Carolina Revocable Living Trust Right For Me?” is an outline of questions to ask when weighing the pros and cons of using either a Last Will and Testament or Revocable Living Trust for your particular estate planning situation. Whether a Revocable Living Trust is right for your particular situation or not is […]

Just the FAQs, Ma’am (Vol. 2)

Just the FAQs, Ma'am (Vol. 2) written words with Attorney pointing to a living trust planning binder

Basic Estate Planning & A Revocable Living Trust As part of getting back to basics for people searching for basic estate planning answers, I’m continuing to cover some basic questions that come from Henry W. Abts III’s book The Living Trust in its Appendix G. While the questions are coming from the book, the answers […]

The Medicaid Squeeze Can Be Reversed

Reversing the Medicaid Squeeze

The Medicaid Squeeze The intricate maze of Medicaid Planning confuses even seasoned professionals if they don’t focus on this type of planning in their daily practice, and it’s easy to find differing opinions. Accountants cringe when told to liquidate an IRA because they’re used to minimizing taxes. Bankers gasp when told to liquidate or just […]

Charity Minefields in Estate Planning

Charity Estate-Planning-Image-of-Attorney-with-questioning-look-in-front-of-warning-sign-about-mines

Charity Giving Giving to charities through gifting and estate planning can provide many rewards, and not just a good feeling knowing you are helping others. There are plenty of tax breaks that can come along with being charitable. However, there are also several minefields that can unintentionally hurt you and your loved ones if the […]

Preview of “Estate Planning Basics” Audiobook

Estate Planning Basics

The keystone to our law office’s estate planning process is my book Estate Planning Basics, provided as required reading for every Estate Strategy Session with clients wishing to discuss their estate planning goals. That in combination with filling out a basic questionnaire means our clients don’t waste our valuable time together with me transcribing names, […]

I’m Moving Out of State… Is My Trust Still Good?

Moving Out of State

I’m Moving Out Of State “Is my trust still good?”  I get this question all the time when clients move to my state of North Carolina, or when my clients are moving to other states. The question really is “Do I need to update my estate plan?” In this video, I cover the checklist process […]

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