Traps Impacting Beneficiaries with Special Needs

Child with special needs

Estate Planning Traps Impacting Beneficiaries with Special Needs When it comes to estate planning for a beneficiary with special needs, there is no margin for error. This is true not only in terms of making sure that they are protected from themselves or outside influences who may push them to recklessly spend money but also […]

Medicaid or Moneyball

Medicaid or Moneyball

Medicaid & Long-Term Care When faced with a long-term care crisis and the accompanying astronomical monthly costs, families often push to keep doing things the same way they always have, just better or more efficiently. They keep pushing ahead with their fingers crossed that, somehow, they can preserve enough money to pay the $10,000+/month nursing […]

7 Traps and 5 Power-Ups -Special Needs Estate Planning

Special Needs Estate Planning

Special Needs Estate Planning There are multiple traps, myths, and outright falsehoods when it comes to estate planning for a special needs beneficiary, and it doesn’t help when these lies spread like wildfire. But why do they spread? Usually, because someone had a single good or bad experience and they wrongly translate that to be […]

My Mom is on Her Deathbed… What Do I Do?

Beneficiary - No Will Moms on Deathbed

No Will – No Beneficiary Unfortunately, many people leave planning their estate to the last minute, or they never make a plan at all. In this edition, Jeff examines options and advice from other attorneys to a son on Reddit trying to frantically get his mother’s wishes in place as she lies on her deathbed. […]

Breaking Down Asset Protection

Asset Protection - Breaking Down

Protecting Assets Good asset protection planning isn’t as complicated as it may seem. If thought about the right way, it can actually be pretty simple to follow. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand you can waive over a pile of assets and it is instantly protected from lawsuits, divorcing spouses, the elements, and acts of […]

Myths of Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning

Updated:  In this outtake from The Advanced Institute, a professional conference for estate planners, Jeff reviews the prevalent myths in special needs estate planning that need to be overcome when discussing planning with clients. Common Knowledge Myths Special Needs Planning Sometimes something that is “common knowledge” is just a myth, and myths are prevalent in […]

The Ten Medicaid Planning Myths You Need to Know

10 Medicaid Planning Myths

It has been some time since I’ve covered Medicaid Myths in this blog, and some of these myths can be deadly to qualifying for Medicaid if followed through. Rather than start a list from scratch, I went straight to the source in my own book The Long-Term Care Solution. Here is an excerpt from Chapter […]

The High Cost of a “Free” Medicaid Plan

Free Medicaid Plan - The high cost

Free Medicaid Plan There are so many myths, folk remedies, and outright falsehoods surrounding Medicaid qualification for nursing home care that it becomes impossible to list them all. Unfortunately, it becomes easy for people to look online for the simple answers they want to hear rather than researching and understanding a much more complicated truth. […]

The Snapshot Date in Medicaid Planning

The Snapshot Date in Medicaid Planning

The Medicaid Date The snapshot date in Medicaid planning is simply the date that the person entered the nursing home, and therefore is “locked in” to how their assets were arranged at that time. More specifically, it is the first day of the first month in which the person enters the nursing home and is […]

The Medicaid Squeeze Can Be Reversed

Reversing the Medicaid Squeeze

The Medicaid Squeeze The intricate maze of Medicaid Planning confuses even seasoned professionals if they don’t focus on this type of planning in their daily practice, and it’s easy to find differing opinions. Accountants cringe when told to liquidate an IRA because they’re used to minimizing taxes. Bankers gasp when told to liquidate or just […]

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