I Want a Revocable Living Trust

I Want A Revocable Living Trust

I Want a Revocable Living Trust… Do I Need a Will? “Well, if you have a Revocable Living Trust, don’t you also need a Will?” the other attorney asked. “Yeah, you need a Will,” I responded. “Ah ha!” the other attorney exclaimed as if he has just made some profound and overriding point to justify […]

The High Cost of “Low Probate Fees”

Low Probate Fees High Cost

Probate Fees “Probate fees in our state are not that high.” Unfortunately, I hear this from some attorneys who focus their practice on handling probate, and probate is exactly what you get when you rely on a Last Will and Testament for your estate plan. Considering the massive attorney’s fees involved in handling full-blown probate […]

Legal Information in the Age of TL DR

TL;DR - The Plain English Attorney Series

It seems that everything these days moves faster, and we just don’t have enough time to look at things as thoroughly as we needed. Even when it comes to topics that can be critical to improving our lives, people don’t have the time to piece together information from multiple sources to see how it applies […]

The 4 Big Questions of Estate Planning

By Grace Kim, Intern

You’ve spent your entire life accumulating hard earned assets, and now it’s time to protect them. If your first step was to begin to establish an estate plan, you’ve taken an extremely important first step. However, attempting to set up a legal estate plan alone or even worse with the help of a less-than-stellar attorney can be frustrating, confusing and complicated. However, it doesn’t need to be! The right attorney can make the process easy and seamless.

If you are armed with the help of the right attorney, there are really only four questions to be concerned with.

222 Must-Have Provisions Lecture a Success

One of the best national estate planning conferences I attend every year is The Estate Plan’s Advanced Institute, and this year the topic I was presenting was a difficult one. I had the honor of handling the lead-off spot at 9 am PST on a Monday morning, and I was reviewing the 222 provisions contained in a good married couple’s revocable living trust. To be honest, I was envisioning myself standing in front of a crowd of sleeping attorneys, advisors and accountants and reading from a trust like I was reading from a dictionary.