Law Office to Start Webinars

Everything is starting to move to the Internet, and information about estate planning is no different. While our law office has had a web presence since opening about 16 years ago, advancements in technology, the varieties of media, and Mr. Marsocci’s own drive to write has greatly increased the ways we can provide information on life and estate planning. Based in no small part on our success in providing education for partners through a few webinars after North Carolina passed Amendment One last May, we are going to schedule regular monthly webinars on a variety of topics.

Triad Pride

On September 15, 2012, the Human Rights Campaign worked at Triad Pride in Greensboro where the event was even larger and better than last year. At a time when most people would think that members of the LGBT community and their allies in North Carolina would still be nursing their wounds from the Amendment One fight, people flooded the Pride event and actively sought information on equal rights, health care, and finding ways to help elect pro-equality candidates in November.

Healthcare Power of Attorney May Be The Most Critical Planning Document

Do you know who will make healthcare decisions for you during a crisis? More importantly, will the hospital listen to them? Without the right legal documents, they may not. And with the current climate in North Carolina post Amendment One, no medical personnel are going to listen to a partner without the right documents in place.

Mr. Marsocci Speaks to NC Division on Aging About LGBT Planning Issues

Last week Jeffrey G. Marsocci spoke to the NC Division on Aging about LGBT life and estate planning issues in North Carolina. Even (or maybe especially) in the wake of Amendment One, partners need to have the right documents and the right kind of plans in place in the event of an emergency. Since the audience was generally comprised of social workers from different parts of the state, there were some areas where LGBT couples and individuals are drastically under-served by local attorneys in this area and social workers are often the main source of information on these issues for their clients.

The Equality Toolbox: Building a Stable Domestic Partner Family

The Human Rights Campaign and state equality groups, legislators and protestors, and businesses and individuals have struggled to build a country of equality that includes members of the LGBT community. But constructing this home big enough to include all of us has taken a lot of time. And like the Winchester House, every twisting and turning staircase can lead to dead ends, locked doors, and enough construction that it seems the work will never end. Court decisions, legislative edicts, and lobbying at all levels of government have become the foundation of this huge house we are building. What seems to be lost in constructing protests, electing equality architects to public office, and fighting a homophobic zoning board is that each partner can build their own houses of equality with tools already available to them.

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