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The Bank Won’t Honor The Power of Attorney!

The Bank Won't Honor the Power of Attorney

Unfortunately, there is a trend of banks and other financial institutions refusing to honor Powers of Attorney because they are not on the institution’s forms. This can cause a variety of complications if discovered after someone is incapacitated. But how can they do that? This video, recorded in Wyoming while there attending The Estate Planning […]

Where Should I Keep My Estate Planning Documents?

Normally, a client’s first response is the safety deposit box. No, no, no. Bad idea. The LAST thing that you want to have happen is to get into a car accident at 5:30 on a Friday evening and have your Power of Attorney documents locked away in a bank vault with no way for anyone […]

The 4 Big Questions of Estate Planning

By Grace Kim, Intern

You’ve spent your entire life accumulating hard earned assets, and now it’s time to protect them. If your first step was to begin to establish an estate plan, you’ve taken an extremely important first step. However, attempting to set up a legal estate plan alone or even worse with the help of a less-than-stellar attorney can be frustrating, confusing and complicated. However, it doesn’t need to be! The right attorney can make the process easy and seamless.

If you are armed with the help of the right attorney, there are really only four questions to be concerned with.

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