Signs that a Loved One May Need Care Assistance

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Often times an older person is going to try to hide what their needs are going to be, so it is important to look for tell-tale signs. Jeff speaks to Anne Browning from Homewatch CareGivers about what to watch for.

What are the Different Levels of Care Assistance at Home?

Jeff spoke with Anne Browning of Homewatch CareGivers about the different levels of care assistance available to those who need assistance in the home. They also discuss what you need to know BEFORE letting a caregiver into your home.

Doesn’t Health Insurance Pay for Long-Term Nursing Home Care?

I have a lot of clients who come in thinking that their monthly payments to their insurance company is going to cover long-term care if the need arises. However, even the best insurance in the world generally doesn’t pay for extended, custodial care assistance. Long Term Care Typically Requires Long Term Care Insurance While you […]

Does My Revocable Living Trust Need a Tax ID Number?

What to believe… As long as both people who set up a revocable living trust (RTL) are still alive you don’t need a separate tax ID number. Using a social security number from either party who owns the trust is perfectly fine. I get this question a lot because, for some reason, there are banks […]

Can’t I Just Use a Power of Attorney When Someone Passes On?

Legally, Power of Attorney dies when the person who executed it dies. If you think about it, a Power of Attorney is saying, I am empowering you to do anything that I can legally do. Once a person is deceased, he or she cannot legally do anything, therefore that authority ends when the person on […]

What to Do When Your Child Hits 18

You Still Think of Them as Your Babies – But the Law Doesn’t. On top of all the other transitions that occur with children throughout adolescence, they’re becoming adults, and maybe they are going away to college. They’re starting to assert their independence. The law often makes everything cut and dried. They were a minor […]

How Long Does Probate Take?

It takes longer than you think I often get the question about how long probate is going to take. Honestly, it takes as long as it takes. The typical time for probate is between six months a year-and-a-half – and that’s just the average. There are so many different estates that have so many different […]

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