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Five Divorce Disasters; How to Avoid Getting Screwed in Divorce

5 Divorce Disasters -people sitting at table arguing - The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Have A “Divorce Firewall” Strategy “Five Divorce Disasters” is a review of common divorce disasters that can crush your estate plan and be avoided. A 50% divorce rate is an unfortunate statistic in our current society, and, unfortunately, many people fail to handle divorce properly resulting in a lot of unintended consequences. These negative results go far […]

Three Asset Protection Perspectives

3 asset protection perspectives by The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

The first protection perspective is ensuring an inheritance for the next generation. The second perspective is the same inheritance setup but incorporating a shield for personal or couple’s assets. And the third perspective is securing your own assets from lawsuit potentials and a possible divorce.  Since I founded my law practice, I have consistently wanted […]

Have A “Divorce Firewall” Strategy

Documents in a "Divorce Firewall" Strategy by The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Divorce disadvantageous outcomes are avoidable. Learn the documents needed for self-protection planning before marriage. Over the last few months, I have mentioned an upcoming book in a few places. As with my other books, this one will be about planning ahead to avoid problems before they ever come up. In this case, the book will show a […]

“Prenups Don’t Work!”

Premarital Agreements don't work. How maintaining a good premarital agreement can keep protecting you by the Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Premarital agreements that are properly constructed will require maintenance over time. Here are examples of these critical factors. In researching the next book, there is no shortage of popular videos and comments decrying that premarital agreements don’t work. There’s typically a lot of comment screaming, sometimes in all caps, by a person who lost big […]

A Divorce Shield? The Domestic Asset Protection Trust

Asset Protection Trust with Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Asset Protection Trust and Divorce Recently, I’ve seen a trend of people wanting to protect their assets from a potential divorce as part of their life planning before getting married. While premarital agreements have a place, there are some ways to get around some or all of the terms in an agreement, and people want […]

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