From April 5 through April 7, Mr. Marsocci conducted the annual Strategic Planning Weekend with the new board of North Carolina State University’s Circle K Club. From 7 pm Friday night through Sunday at 1 pm, Jeff reviewed the concepts of leadership and then jumped into helping the officer create vision and mission statements, establish SMART goals, draft their officer job descriptions as well as committee “job” descriptions, and finally create project plans for their annual membership drive and for the Haunted House service project with the Boys and Girls Home.

“I personally believe that we should all give back to our communities,” Jeff said. “I think the most effective way I can do that is by helping this generation of college students gain effective strategic planning skills and then work with them to follow that plan through during the coming Circle K year. And this year promises to be even better than last year.”

During the 2017-2018 year in recognition for their group and individual efforts, NCSU Circle K won 13 out of 24 awards in the Carolinas District of Circle K, which encompasses all of the Circle K clubs in North and South Carolina. Last year, it was 14 out of 24 awards. During the Strategic Planning Weekend, the officers have already started planning out how to meet the criteria for all of the awards and are hoping to get at least 15 at the district convention in February of 2020.

“I’m proud of all these new officers have achieved so far in such a short time, and I can see a lot of hard work leading to a lot of success in the coming year,” Jeff said. “One area where I will hope to directly help them more is through direct fundraising on their behalf. With the closing of one sponsoring Kiwanis Club that used to provide one-third of the costs of their district event registrations, there is a big gap in what they need and what they can fundraise on their own. Please look for more on this in the future and at a new site being developed at

Jeffrey G. Marsocci is the Kiwanis Advisor to North Carolina State University’s Chapter of Circle K International and is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh.