Car “Accident” Leads to STD Case and $5.2 Million Bill to Car Insurance Company

The media loves a sensationalized story, especially one that gets people angry enough to share and comment on social media.

When a woman won $5.2 million from car insurance company GEICO because she contracted an STD in the backseat of one of their insured vehicles, the Internet went wild. Cries of a judicial system run amok, activist judges needing to be fired, and runaway juries doing stupid things started being screamed from the comment sections.

But What REALLY Happened?

This was not about activist judges, runaway juries, or a messed-up judicial system, but instead, it was about binding arbitration and what happens when a company neglects to put on a real case when it needed to. Just about everybody reading the news has it wrong.

What Does This Really Mean?

The insurance giant, Geico, must give more than $5 million to a woman who had sex with a motorist in his car and contracted a sexually transmitted disease, a Missouri appellate court ruled.

The big issue here is if you are just seeing this in the media chances are they are just doing stuff to get you riled up, angry, and upset. The judges really don’t have much to do with this STD case and I’m going to explain why.

Also, Geico can still go to the state supreme court to seek a reprieve and may get a more favorable ruling in a related federal case.

Take a listen to the video in its entirety as I explain why the judges really didn’t have much to do with this decision and more, and Geico not really putting on a defense. This only gets more interesting.

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