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Jeff spoke to Elizabeth Gholson of IPA Family in Raleigh about a topic of interest to anyone who has an animal that is one of the family – pet insurance.

Why buy pet insurance?

Pet insurance will provide coverage for your dog or cat if they get hurt or sick. Insurance usually will include coverage for…

Depending on the insurance, it can also pay for wellness visits, spay/neutering, vaccinations, dental cleanings, and more.

Is the insurance expensive?

It’s not as costly as people often think it is. The alternative is paying for all care out of pocket. As anyone with a pet knows, vet bills can be very expensive, which is why having your animal covered by insurance is a good idea. For example, if a dog broke its leg, it could cost $2,800, but with insurance, the cost would be pay for more than $2,300. If you have a limited budget, there are plans that cover a feline illness only, accident only, or cancer only starting at less than $5 a month. There also are a wide range of deductibles.

Elizabeth said that she had wished she had purchased it for one of her cats. “My cat suffered a bruise from the inside out, at a cost of $1,200,” she said. “Anyone who has a dog or cat should carry the insurance. The younger the animal, the less expensive the policy.” She added that the insurance is good at any licensed vet, anywhere in the world.

Elizabeth has a directory on her website that will take you directly to get a quote:

For more questions about pet insurance or other insurance needs, please contact Elizabeth at (919) 414-6717 or click here.

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