While I’m not a regular attendee at the various comic-cons, my wife Kathy and our two friends Meri and Tara really wanted to dress up as weeping angels from the Doctor Who series and go to Raleigh Supercon. (For those who aren’t versed in the latest Doctor Who, the weeping angels are evil stone angel statues.) Over the last month or so, they put a lot of work into their costumes from making the dresses, ordering and painting angel wings, and creating wigs from yarn and plastic bags. In all, it was an impressive undertaking. The makeup for Kathy, Meri, and Tara took more than an hour to apply, but it was well worth it as you can see from the pictures.

I, on the other hand, went as The Doctor as portrayed by actor Matt Smith, and my costume took 30 minutes to put together at a cost of less than $20. I had the pants, fez, sonic screwdriver, and boots already; Goodwill had the shirt and jacket for less than $12; and Amazon.com the suspenders and bowtie for less than $8.

The atmosphere at Raleigh Supercon was fantastic, with many people dressing up in costumes, and if they weren’t in a full costume they almost universally at least had a comic, sci-fi, or fantasy genre T-shirt on. What most surprised me, though, was just how many people wanted to take pictures with Kathy, Meri, and Tara. For the several hours we were there, more than a hundred people (possibly more than two hundred) wanted to take pictures of and with the three Weeping Angels… and, oh, yeah, Jeff as The Doctor can be in the picture too. It seemed that every few feet as we moved among the booths, people were approaching us wanting to take pictures, and we didn’t turn anyone down. The only time we got a break from the pictures was when we were outside eating Chirba Chirba. And one of our outside photos even made it on to WRAL.

The booths were amazing with plenty of interesting items for sale. My one big purchase I justified as a practical expense. Since I am now trying to move away from diet soda and energy drinks and start drinking more tea, I got an oversized Doctor Who tumbler for $30 that holds twice as much as the other ones I have, and keeps tea hot for hours.

In all, we really enjoyed Raleigh Supercon, and we are already thinking about what to do next year. I’m not sure if the Weeping Angels will make another appearance, but I’m sure Kathy, Meri, and Tara will work hard to top this year’s efforts.

Sweeping Angels Raleigh SuperCon
Weeping Angels Raleigh SuperCon2