Premarital Agreements don't work. How maintaining a good premarital agreement can keep protecting you by the Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci

Premarital agreements that are properly constructed will require maintenance over time.

Here are examples of these critical factors.

In researching the next book, there is no shortage of popular videos and comments decrying that premarital agreements don’t work. There’s typically a lot of comment screaming, sometimes in all caps, by a person who lost big in their own divorce. The fact is that prenups do work when done appropriately, but the problems typically happen when someone downloads a deficient DIY document, there are no attorneys involved in the process, and/or they don’t follow the terms of the agreement in keeping their assets separate. A few months back, I did another blog about the seven reasons why prenups fail:

That blog covered where things were deficient, but even if all of those mistakes are avoided, this simple checklist of three simple items can and should be addressed even if the premarital agreement was set up correctly in the first place. These simple but critical steps help make sure a premarital agreement is maintained. Situations and assets may change over time, so it’s important to periodically reflect on those changes and circumstances.

Having a premarital agreement is just one of the components of a dynamic divorce protection system, but it is a critical component. However, the agreement has to be done correctly by a professional who knows what they are doing, under the right circumstances to hold up in court, and it needs to be revised and renewed every few years. Without this agreement being as rock solid as possible, the other components may fall by the wayside as well.

Look for the upcoming (as of yet unnamed) book on this merging of family law and asset protection coming out in July or August of 2023.

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