In recent weeks, we have come across people without any form of estate plan express concern that they have nothing in place should disaster strike. And with COVID-19 impacting so many families, people are seeing those disasters happen to others. At the same time, uncertainty about quarantine restrictions and how long they will be impacting us have people frozen, unable to make any major decisions that could impact the health and well-being of their families.

This is understandable.

To help people in our community at least get something in place and provide a little peace of mind, we are providing the basic documents that everyone needs at a reduced rate and an accelerated process. These documents are:

* A Last Will and Testament

* A Durable General Power of Attorney

* A Health Care Power of Attorney

* A Nomination of Conservator Form

* A Living Will

For those people who are also parents or guardians for minor children or disabled adults, we will also include an Appointment of Guardian Form at no extra cost. Through July, 2020, the cost is only $400 for an individual or $700 for a couple if using the expedited process. The process involves:

* Providing us with a completed questionnaire which we will provide

* A half-hour phone call or Zoom session with the Attorney to discuss the major issues and gather information

* A half-hour phone call or Zoom session to review the document drafts (if needed)

* Signing the documents using our drive up process at our office

Many people come to our firm for advanced planning, usually involving the use of revocable living trusts. However, this is probably taking a lot more consideration and thought than usual considering everything going on around us right now. That is why this offer also provides 150% of what you paid for this emergency plan to be credited towards a trust-based plan if we are engaged to create one for you before July 1, 2021. In addition, our firm accepts all major credit cards.

With all of the worrying we are doing about the health and well-being of our family members, wouldn’t you like to take these quick steps to have peace of mind around just this one issue?

Contact us at 919-844-7993 or at [email protected] for more information.

This offer, including pricing and process, is only valid through 5 pm on Friday, July 31, 2020.

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