Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes to inspire some good video content. And, boy, was a trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks worth it.

Kathy and I were able to spend a few days visiting with friends from Rhode Island and their extended family in a beautiful rental in Salvo, North Carolina. The house itself was more of a complex, and the view from every angle was phenomenal. Because of this, I had to get out the drone, the GoPro, my camera phone, and get to work. Even though the location was a vacation paradise, I ended up with a few great ideas for videos popping into my head whenever I started to relax. It was as if the analytical side of my brain jumped to the creative side just long enough to formulate a video idea, and then jumped back to logically sketch out the content.

There were a few visits to the beach, a drive to one end of the Outer Banks, and a lot of neat shops and cafes along the way. As we found great places to stop, I inevitably had the GoPro out just in case.

Some highlights of the trip were:

  • A beach visit right next to a protected wildlife area for birds, which was invaded by a dozen or so people while we looked on. Don’t worry, Kathy called the U.S. Park Service, and they were busted.
  • Coffee and tea at The Dancing Turtle, and just hanging out on the deck for about an hour.
  • Seeing the Cape Hatteras Light House and our friend Bob getting on the ground to take a picture for two women to the full lighthouse was in the background. (Click on the photo for the entire picture of him being goofy.)
  • Most of all, finally being able to catch up with our friends after having to stay apart for so long because of the pandemic.

I have included just a few photos with this article, but there is one video up on Four Keys to Special Needs Estate Planning as well as Trusts, Incapacity, and Conservatorships that should be up or will be soon. They can be found on our YouTube channel at If you get a chance, please subscribe to the channel. It really helps us build the community and get good, accurate information out to the public.