The Law Offices of Jeffrey G. Marsocci, PLLC is proud to announce a security expert to our team. On a cold day in December, Kathy and I arrived at the office early and found Houdini already at a desk, ready to work. (See pictures). This came as a surprise to us as we had not hired anyone, or even knew of any scheduled interviews, but we sort of just went with it. After all, it was pretty impressive that he managed to evade our existing security features, enter the building without unlocking the doors, and didn’t set off the alarm system. (He may have actually been in the building prior to closing down the office the night before and we hadn’t seen him, but such ninja-like stealth would be impressive nonetheless.)

After several attempts to put together a suitable work place for Houdini (plastic and cardboard boxes), we realized quickly that he was an employee that liked to think outside the box. The first two spaces were simply not to his satisfaction, so later that day we proceeded to a specialized office supply store called PetSmart to get him a cubicle worthy of his unique talents. This also worked out well because Houdini also wanted to be paid in crickets rather than dollars, and PetSmart had a specific station where we could convert dollars to crickets.

Now that Houdini has his own workspace complete with a hollowed out log section, fake plant, water dish and a wall hanging shaped as a branch, he has become extremely productive. His main duties are keeping watch over my desk and files, acting as the weekday night security manager, and displaying stealthy hiding techniques.

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