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By: Shahzeel Sarfraz, Legal Intern

The buzzwords of tablets and social media have jumped over the age-barrier and now serve as an integral part of organization. Four such companies have taken to the forefront to bridge the gap between crucial information and a near-limitless, secure style of storing information. CareZone, AboutOne, Cozi, and MotherKnows have all offered their unique services to help ease the lives of caretakers, patients and families. In this article, we will compare and contrast these four companies to see which truly help alleviate the stress of families, caretakers and patients alike.

CareZone was co-found by the former CEO of Sun Microsystems, Jonathan Schwartz. Schwartz aims to bring his tech-savviness and his business acumen. CareZone allows for its users to upload files (with a limit of 50MB per unique upload) onto the cloud, therefore, allowing its users to have a near-limitless allotment for total profile size. Perhaps CareZone’s most redeeming quality is that in their current iteration there is no fee (one-time or monthly) to pay in order to access, continue to access, or upload their information. According to an interview conducted by CNBC in March of 2012, Schwartz had stated that CareZone intends to roll out a premium membership service side to CareZone, and all the features which were available to clients in the current version would not go away once the premium membership rolled out.

AboutOne was founded by Joanne Lang, a mother of four. Her first-hand family experience demonstrated to her the importance of organization and how important it is to have all critical information in one easy-to-reach, safe location. Due to her frequent traveling and relocating, she found it rather frustrating when she was unable to locate her crucial paperwork, often resulting in unnecessary delays for her and her children. AboutOne allows clients to pick from three packages to suit their needs: Essentials Free Trial, Premium, and, Premium Plus. The Essentials Free Trials package includes up to 1GB of data (per profile), 6 family members to join, and up to a total of 25 entries. The Premium package includes up to 5GB of data (per profile), 10 family members to join, and up to 500 entries. This package is listed at $5 a month. The Premium Plus package allows for 50GN of data (per profile), 30 family members to join and allows for unlimited number of entries.

Cozi allows clients to create “to-do” and other lists which aggregate in a central location, becoming accessible via computer, phone and tablet. Cozi touts its simplicity as its biggest selling point. Cozi states that this ease of creating lists (recipes, medication lists, reminders, etc) allows for clients to organize their lives without adding the stress of navigating through difficult interface.

MotherKnows was founded by Hesky Kutcher; a seasoned media and networking guru with a passion for medical media. Kutcher aims to create a streamlined process which allows for all information to be central and safe in an easy-to-access location. MotherKnows essentially has two tiers, with different billing options which result in savings. They tout their yearly package as their best buy which will cost clients $98 per year for one child. As more children are added, discounts are calculated accordingly. One of the best features of MotherKnows is the fact that the information on the profile can be synced directly from the attending doctor’s information, allowing for a robust historical account of a child’s medication and other crucial information.

Of the aforementioned options, there are these commonalities: (i) ease-of-access (ii) ties in with the ubiquitous smart-tech, and (iii) increased network of all crucial information in one, safe location. Since, all four of the companies share these tenants, how does one go about picking the right option? We would urge a client to pick the package with the most attractive additional features for their particular situation without going too far into features they don’t want. Basically, all four are good, but, like a car, you may want some extra features, but you don’t want to pay for satellite radio if you’ll never use it.


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