In an ongoing effort to provide quality information on estate and Medicaid planning topics, our office has been conducting live webinars for the last two months. In order to keep this information constantly available, we are turning some of these webinars into free sessions that can be registered for and viewed on-demand.

Last month’s live webinar was “How To Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars By Effectively Planning For A Special Needs Beneficiary” held on December 9, and it is now available at We are currently planning on six of these particular webinars over the next year that will be processed and released for free on-demand viewing with email registration.

While this valuable information will later be available free as webinar replays, they will, unfortunately, not contain the chat feature or the ability to take advantage of live question and answer sessions. So if we let you know about a live webinar coming up and you have some specific questions, then make sure to sign up for the live webinar rather than wait a month or so for the on-demand versions. Planned webinars for 2022 include:

For more information on estate planning for a beneficiary with special needs, please check out the now live on-demand webinar at We also have several special needs planning YouTube videos available at under the “Playlists” tab.