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Jeff has recently authored the book: The Veteran’s Long Term Care Solution: The Truth Behind Long term Care Planning for Veterans with the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit. As a V.A. Accredited Attorney and Certified Medicaid Planner, Jeff decided to write the book to help protect veterans and their families from massive care-related bills and to avoid common traps by using the right strategies, with the right solutions at the right time.

The publication includes the following forward written by David Cole of The Senior Veterans Council.

When Jeff mentioned that he was writing a book about the intricacies of what the VA itself calls “the least known and most underutilized benefit the VA offers,” I was eager to help in any way I could. For several years Jeff and I have worked with clients to help Senior War-Time Veterans and their widows gain access to benefits they earned by service to their country during a period of war. Because this benefit has been around since the end of the civil war, it has, unfortunately, become layered in a bureaucratic maze that most are unable navigate successfully without professional help. At least not quickly the first time.

As accredited VA Claims agents, Senior Veterans Council works primarily with World War II, Korean and Vietnam Veterans who have reached that stage in their life where they need what the VA calls “some assistance with some activities of ordinarily daily living,” meaning those things that most of us take for granted. The premise of this little known benefit is that because the Veteran (or his widow) was there when we needed them, the country will help now that they need help.

One of the main reasons I am in this business is because I have seen this work change lives. Not just with the award of a monthly cash benefit from the VA, but with the support our offices to provide with “end of life, worst-case planning for care needs.” In addition to the legal planning and framework that Jeff and his office provides, our office has developed a team of long-term care planning and resource specialists, such as a Registered Nurse, a Geriatric Care Manager, and a Social Worker to help our clients understand not just the VA Benefit, but a number of other government, social, and community benefits that may be available.

This work assures that Veterans and their widows receive not only the benefits they earned by their service, but also other benefits they earned by the hundreds of thousands in taxes they paid over their lifetime. Our files our filled with letters from clients and their families telling us how the benefits changed their lives, which, for me, makes the hard work all worthwhile.

What can you expect from reading this book? – First Jeff’s “hold no punches” style is honest, refreshing, and easy to understand that lays out in clear language what you’ll face when working with the VA. It is definitely not a legal tome of information written in that foreign language we call “legalese.”

Next, by taking the time to read this book, you’ll better understand how to access a range of VA Benefits by avoiding the many land mines that get in the way of most claims. There certainly are a lot of rumors, folk tales, and misconceptions out there about what it actually takes to qualify for certain benefits, and this book exposes some of the bigger ones.

Third, the challenges of providing end of life planning for care needs are rarely easy, and this book does go over some of those decisions. Once a senior family member reaches the need where they need help with the things that the rest of us take for granted, things never get better, they only get worse.  And death because the final release from those challenges.  But if preparations are not made, end of life issues will create even more problems.

These topics are sometimes unpleasant to contemplate, but they must be addressed and the sooner the better. Putting the discussion off only deepens the problems ahead. More importantly, putting things can mean that a Veteran or their widow is losing out on financial help they are entitled to.

The good news is that Jeff is one of the most focused, dedicated attorneys that I have worked with over the years. And that says a lot because I’ve work a lot of attorneys in just about all 50 states. So kick back, find a quite spot, and dig into this short read and enjoy Jeff’s stories and insights that can truly change your life.

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