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I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays and are getting a great start to the New Year. As with many people, I have also made some changes for the New Year. I wouldn’t necessarily call these changes “resolutions,” but there are some changes I’ve made.

First, the most noticeable change is the new beard I’m trying out for a few months at least. It’s been a few weeks, so it’s to the point the beard no longer itches all of the time, but it hasn’t been long enough that I don’t still do a doubletake when I look in the mirror. I’m open to opinions, but so far the feedback has been largely positive.

Next, the most significant change is giving up caffeine. It has now been almost five weeks, and I’m pretty sure this should stick. I’m not going to say I’m *never* having caffeine again, and I might have the occasional Diet Coke from time to time, but it is no longer a daily part of my life. I have learned to enjoy caffeine-free cinnamon spice tea as a good alternative, and I don’t feel dependent on having caffeine to start and then maintain my energy throughout the day.

Finally on a business item, I have gotten back to my roots to focus on providing more education through seminars on a regular basis. We currently have the monthly Don’t Go Broke! seminar I will be leading, and then we will also be working with several other professionals to provide a monthly seminar with a speaker rotation on estate, financial, tax, insurance, and home buying topics.

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