Last September marked twenty-five years since I became a licensed attorney. In that time, the vast majority of my practice has been focused on estate planning, and in recent years I have been producing useful videos and other media to provide simple answers to complex legal questions. This is how I became known as The Plain English Attorney™, and in the new year I intend to expand on this strength.

Far too often, I have come across misleading, confusing, and even blatantly incorrect estate planning information online that needs to be corrected. Over the years, I have also heard privately from estate planning professionals, including attorneys and financial advisors, who struggle to help their clients understand estate planning concepts in a way that doesn’t cost them so much time that their own business suffers. That is why I will be working during the coming few months on the following projects to provide the following tools to estate planning professionals:

  • An online Estate Crash Course that covers the basics of estate planning in a simple, straightforward way so that estate planners can refer their own clients to the course. This will give these other planners the ability to provide accurate, basic estate planning information in plain English to their clients without utilizing their own time. They can then focus on their clients’ goals rather than conveying basic information.
  • An online Estate Planners Practice Course that will assist attorneys and financial advisors in establishing their own planning process that maximizes client satisfaction and understanding while efficiently making use of the professional’s time. Over the years, I have created and refined our client process, and our clients have responded positively.
  • Short videos and podcasts designed to help estate planners in not just their business life but personally as well. One of the things I have consciously worked on for the last year is becoming more healthy and fit as a regularly scheduled part of my week. After all, you can’t effectively help your clients if you are exhausted from having no exercise or a bad diet. And without a regular schedule of “off time” to enjoy hobbies, your mind will never be as sharp as it could be when you are working for your clients.

While these courses and videos will greatly help other estate planning professionals and their clients, many of them will also help my own clients. I have already put together a decent catalog of videos and podcasts related to estate and Medicaid planning that have benefited my own clients, but issues such as time management, business processes and procedures, and even healthier diets and exercise can also benefit the general public.

The best way to look for these and other topics in the new year is to subscribe to my YouTube channel at and look for other important resources and links at And, as always, stay safe, plan ahead, and enjoy life!