The academic year is just beginning, and it’s another opportunity for my NC State Circle K International Club to shine. As many of my clients know, I am a member of the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh and my primary mission is being the best Kiwanis Advisor to the NC State Circle K Club possible. Over the last two years, our club brought in more than half of the awards at our district convention, which includes clubs from all across North and South Carolina. Their goals is to make it three years in a row, and one of my goals is to make sure that they have all of the funds they need to make it happen.

Over the Summer, I have been working with the college students on their board to plan for the best year possible. August 22 was their main recruitment drive and first event, and they gathered 70 names of interested students who may come on board. Of course, this includes many of Circle K’s “younger brothers and sisters” who were recently in Key Club in high school, and we hope to help them continue in their journey within the Kiwanis Family for the next four years.

So what is on tap for the Fall Semester?

  • Haunted House: Every year since 2001, NCSU Circle K has worked with the Boys and Girls Club to provide a Halloween experience for the kids who go there because many of them live in neighborhoods that might not necessarily be safe for trick or treating. The planning for this project has already started, and it will culminate in set up Thursday before Halloween and then run the night of that following Friday.
  • Fall Call: The big first semester event for the Carolinas District of Circle K is Fall Call in Brevard, NC, which is a less formal conference where students from all of the clubs in North and South Carolina are invited to gather. The members and their advisors get to learn more about service, leadership, and fellowship within the Kiwanis Family and how to make the world a better place. NCSU Circle K has had the largest contingent for two years in a row despite it being almost five hours away, and we hope to make a third year. (I’ve already planned my Asheville office hours so I can go right from work to Fall Call that Friday night.)
  • Kiwanis One Day: October 26, 2019 is Kiwanis One Day, which is when all of the branches of the Kiwanis Family gather together to do visible work in the community. This year, NC State Circle K will be leading a park project in conjunction with the Raleigh Parks & Recreation Department, and we hope to gather Kiwanians, Circle Kers, Aktion Club, and Key Club members from Wake County and beyond to help. Because Circle K has the bandwidth, they will also be providing volunteers to help the Kiwanis Club of Raleigh with their big annual Pancake Breakfast that same day.

Circle K FundraisingThose are just a few of the big things NCSU Circle K will be doing this year. However, I will also be personally heading up efforts to assist with a new booster club and corporate sponsorship fundraising program. While the members of the club want to get their hands dirty providing personal service to their campus and community, some funds are needed to make it happen. The Boys and Girls Club provides plastic sheeting to build the walls for the Haunted House, but the club has pay for costumes, makeup, and decorations if they are not donated. There is a cost for Fall Call registration, lodging, and food, and whatever our Kiwanis Club doesn’t pay, the students have to. And finally, as part of an international organization with its own district, they have to pay $600 a year to Circle K International and $9 per member to the Carolinas District of Circle K. My goal is to at least raise enough to make sure their club’s dues are paid through individual and corporate donorships so they can use their own money planning and executing greater and more effective service projects.

If you or anyone you know is able to help NCSU Circle K be more successful this year, then please visit them at This is an excellent opportunity for former Circle Kers, members of the Kiwanis Family, and service-minded individuals and businesses to make a difference. Please keep tuned for more information as the academic year progresses and my own plans to help them develop, including specific booster club and corporate sponsor programs with varied benefits are created. Thanks for any support you can provide!