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Last week Jeffrey G. Marsocci spoke to the NC Division on Aging about LGBT life and estate planning issues in North Carolina. Even (or maybe especially) in the wake of Amendment One, partners need to have the right documents and the right kind of plans in place in the event of an emergency. Since the audience was generally comprised of social workers from different parts of the state, there were some areas where LGBT couples and individuals are drastically under-served by local attorneys in this area and social workers are often the main source of information on these issues for their clients.

“I’m always happy to get the word out about the planning issues facing partners in post-Amendment One North Carolina,” Mr. Marsocci said. “In particular, aging LGBT couples have to be given their options, and I’m glad that the North Carolina Division on Aging is taking these issues seriously.”

In addition to providing basic information, Mr. Marsocci mentioned that the firm has a specific website devoted to explaining the effects of Amendment One on partner planning issues at People visiting the website can sign up to receive more information electronically. To view the entire program online go here, to listen to a podcast of the entire presentation go to or subscribe to Rainbow Legal Talk on iTunes.

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