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When it comes to inheritances people have always been able to award anyone they deemed necessary to receive the assets.  Most people would choose their children, spouse, or recent family but there are others that chose this opportunity to get really creative with their wishes.  We have done research to find the most bizarre inheritance stories, so just sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some of the most bizarre inheritance stories ever.

Inheritance story #1: The man that turned his inheritance into a prank


A man named Millar had a very successful career in law and had tons of investments.  But he never let that define him, he was known mainly for his love and appreciation for a good joke and he spent his life constantly playing pranks on wealthy but greedy people.  With no children and no dependents, when it came time for him to plan his estate, he chose to make one last and final prank on the world.  He made the request to turn his estate’s balance into cash ten years after his death and to give it to the woman who had the most children in that time.  In the event of a tie, the balance would be divided amongst each of the mothers. The contest became known as the “Great Stork Derby”.

Inheritance story #2: Buried Treasure Island


A teenager named Josh had only seen his grandfather a handful of times before he passed away.  His grandfather wasn’t a big part of his life because Josh’s father was not a part of their family’s religious faith, but despite that, Josh had left a soft spot in his grandfather’s heart.  Josh soon found out that he was named the heir to his grandfather’s estate which included 80 acres of farmland and a 36 acre island, but also there was a surprise in the will, they discovered a detailed list of antique jewelry and loose gems that was contained in “the thermos.” Josh’s mother remembered her father always talking about “treasure island” when she was younger so from that point on they knew there was treasure in Josh’s inherited island, so that begun their hunting expedition to uncover the rest of the inheritance.

Inheritance story #3: The richest woman in the world gave her fortune to whom?


Nina Wang, passed away in 2007 from cancer at the age of 69 years old.  In 2002 she had originally made a will that left her fortune to her family and to her favorite charity.  In 2006, she actually changed her will to give her vast fortune to a Feng Shui Master Tony Chan as a promise for eternal life.

Inheritance Story #4: A random act of Kindness


Luis Carlos de Noronha Cabral da Camara decided to do something unusual with his estate.  Instead of giving it to loved ones, he actually chose to give it to 70 people in a Lisbon phone book.  Most of the people that got the phone call saying that they were beneficiaries to someone they didn’t know, felt that they were getting scammed, but after the initial shock of it, I’m sure they felt very lucky.

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