More Content

As technology improves and my video skills have quickened, it’s becoming easier to produce more content to post on YouTube and social media posts on a regular basis without eating up much more time. In addition, there are only so many videos and posts that can be focused on the same or similar estate and Medicaid planning topics, and the content getting the most reactions/likes is related more peripherally to people than directly to planning topics. Starting within the next few weeks, we’ll be posting different content on specific days.

Weekly Content

This daily content mix has something for everyone, and, for the most part, will be posted across multiple platforms including the Facebook pages for the law office and the Plain English Attorney, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube as well as The Plain English Attorney blog. In addition, we hope to soon go to a weekly e-newsletter that summarizes and provides links to this content rather than a separate monthly e-newsletter and monthly video roundup email so it’s in a slightly more frequent but digestible format.

If you aren’t subscribed to any of your usual social media platforms, I encourage you to follow or subscribe. If you are subscribed to any or multiple social media platforms, then please like the content you prefer and leave a comment on what topics you would like to see covered. And I’ll specifically ask one favor: even if you are not a frequent YouTube user, subscribe to the channel at since that will most help spread the word on the most needed and beneficial legal topics of planning ahead to avoid problems like probate and Medicaid spenddowns.

We’ve always been focused on helping you stay safe, plan ahead, and enjoy life, and hopefully, this new mix of information and content will help you do that and make every day a great day.


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