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Hello Clients, today I want to introduce to you our new addition to the Office, Kayoua ( Ka-Ju-ah) Lee, our new legal assistant.  She joined our team at the beginning of June and has already been a tremendous help to our practice. Since Kayoua has made a great impact on us, we thought it would be great if she introduced herself.

 Hi!  My name is Kayoua Lee and I am the newest addition to the Practice!  I Love doing yoga, playing tennis, snowboarding. travelling and reading.  One of my favorite books is The Lovely Bones, it’s one of those books that just takes a piece of you with it after the last page falls and the cover closes.  I love reading because there is just something about being able to step into the mind of another being and feeling every ounce of emotion displayed in detail.



I traveled outside of the country for the first time in 2011. I can say I went scuba diving in Honduras’ beautiful crystal clear waters, toured the ancient Mayan temples in Cozumel, and reenacted the infamous “I’m Flying” scene from Titanic on a cruise ship. Hawaii and Italy are next on the list.

Generally, I just love spending time with my family, my boyfriend, and friends. Also, I’m obsessed with politics on all levels and volunteer my time where I can.

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