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There are a lot of questions and myths surrounding Long Term Care Planning. What’s true and what isn’t? Below are five questions that will get you started. Think about the questions and once you’ve answered them, view the video below for our answer. You may or may not be right.

1 – If I need Medicaid I’ll just give everything away to my kids and then I’ll qualify at that point.

2 – If my spouse needs Medicaid then we’ll just to spend everything below $2,000 and then we’ll qualify.

3 – If I need help I’ll just go to the Medicaid office and they’ll help me.

4 – If you don’t have five years then there is nothing you can do to plan.

5 – I can do this myself. I’ll just go down to the Medicaid office and get the rule book.

To see the answers, watch Jeff explain.

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