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I am pleased to introduce myself as the newest staff member of the firm. I joined Jeff’s team in October and will be assisting with client development activities. The staff has been wonderful and made me feel comfortable from day one. Even Brandeis and Ginsburg seemed to give me a warm welcome with a few heart-felt croaks.

I was looking forward to working with the firm since my initial interview with Kathy. During our meeting we discussed the areas in which Jeff concentrates his practice. His legal services and estate planning for people with special needs was of particular interest, as it would be for anyone whose child has a disability. My son “Jake” was born with cognitive dysfunction and processing issues.

As other parents of special needs children well know, a child’s disability will often affect every single day of your life. Every single day. You learn to plan for the expected and find ways to deal with the unexpected . Thinking ahead and having a Plan A is often not enough. You need a Plan B through D – “just in case.” You have to think about things — sometimes peculiar things — that parents of neuro-typical children don’t have to think about. Like most parents, you are often taking it day to day.

I am a planner, and always have been. Continually thinking ahead can be a big plus when raising a special needs child, as it helps to keep you organized, develop a routine, and juggle appointments and activities that enable your youngster to thrive. However, as organized, focused and proactive as I am, I found myself quite unprepared when it came to planning for Jake’s needs once my husband and I are gone. We have a Will that includes specific information about how our funds are to be appropriated. However, it was only after starting my job in estate planning that I realized our legal documents did not provide for and protect Jake the way we thought they were supposed to. I was in the dark, just like many other parents that find themselves in my parental situation.  I am learning more every day about trusts and estate planning and am grateful to be given the opportunity to work and become more educated in a field that can positively impact me and my son. 

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