Welcome to this website to download the free Last Will and Testament provided by the State of North Carolina for its residents. Unlike other websites, we don’t charge for this service. In fact, unlike other websites, you don’t have to make any decisions at all! The State of North Carolina has made all of the decisions for you!

That’s right. But not taking the time or effort to put together a real estate plan, the state determines who receives your possessions if you pass on. No pesky decisions to make about choosing beneficiaries. No decisions to make about selecting an appropriate age of inheritance. No decisions to make about who will care for your children if you pass on. And certainly no worries about planning to avoid probate, because this Will (in fact, every Will) ensures your assets go through probate. Someone else can handle that after you’re gone. Just think, the State has done all of your planning for you!

To Download this free Last Will and Testament, please Click Here.

Remember, there is no altering this Last Will and Testament without creating a real estate plan. So if this plan is sufficient for you, then enjoy! The state has taken care of your estate planning for you.

[Of course, if you would like to take more control over your life and estate plans rather than leaving things up to the state, then check out some options at].

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