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It’s spreading across the Internet that Amber Heard “blew it” when she had her Kate Moss moment, and it really boosted Johnny Depp’s case. But why? In this video, I review this critical moment and what it actually means.

The Trial

If you have been following the trial at all there is a lot of noise about Kate Moss being mentioned. Courts do not want rumors as the basis of finding the truth (hearsay). And that is why we don’t allow people to say, “Oh so and so said this.” And then the jury hears what they said the other person said. Again, it’s all about we don’t want rumors.

Both sides in all the preliminaries, before the trial happened and before they brought the jury in, came to an agreement that they weren’t going to bring in all these character witnesses because you could be bringing in character witnesses all day long. They just wanted to find out what happened.

Watch my video on Amber Heard’s testimony and then let’s talk about that “aha moment.”

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