Learn why he’s passionate about asset protection – and find out if he’s ever snuck a beer into the Durham Bulls stadium.

Attorney Jeff Marsocci joined Jared Pierce of Wallace Pierce Law on the NC Personal Injury Podcast to discuss estate planning. Marsocci’s approach is centered around simplicity, and avoiding complicated court procedures, like probate. His goal is to help people protect what they’ve worked long and hard to earn. He eschews legal jargon in favor of straightforward conversation.

“I’ve very strategically developed sticking to plain English when speaking [to] and communicating with my clients, so that they understand everything,” said Marsocci.

At the beginning of his career, Marsocci decided to immerse himself in estate planning instead of dabbling across the law practice spectrum. He was initially inspired by his grandmothers, who both needed help securing financial protection toward the end of their lives. Marsocci pitched in, getting knee deep into the intricacies of Medicaid and estate law. After saving the family beach house hand-built by his great-grandfather, he saw the positive impact of the practice and decided to pursue it full time.

Today, he measures professional success by the sigh of relief clients let out on their way out the door, as if a weight has been lifted.

When he’s not mentoring college students about leadership and strategic planning with Circle K International, Marsocci can be found catching a Durham Bulls baseball game with his wife and friends – but claims to have never smuggled a beer into the stadium.

“We have our Durham Bulls family,” he said, likening the camaraderie to that of Red Sox fans in the romantic comedy, “Fever Pitch.”

But Marsocci’s affinity for romantic comedies ends there; as a whole, he’s not a fan. As Pierce chipped in, “romantic comedy as a genre…it’s just not designed for us.”

While Pierce focuses his practice motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina, Marsocci works to create bulletproof plans to secure the livelihood of loved ones down the road. Both men share a passion for Raleigh, serving the community, and working with clients who understand the importance of adequate legal representation.

Check out the whole episode to learn more about how an estate planning attorney can do more for your family than just prepare a simple will.

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