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It is our sad duty to report that our office frog and security guard Houdini has passed on. Having no way to know exactly how old Houdini was, we do not know his age, but it appears Houdini’s passing was from natural causes. While Houdini was only with us for a few short months, we got used to having him around and so did our clients. Therefore we have decided to bring on some new office personnel in the form of two tree frogs native to Australia named Ginsburg and Brandeis.

Ginsburg is by far the more passive of the two frogs, enjoying a few favorite high corner spots and sleeping under a log cut-out. Brandeis is the thinner of the two, at least for now, and has a healthy appetite and can be found in many various spots on the ground, in branches, or hanging on the side of the glass walls. Both Ginsburg and Brandeis are just getting acquainted to each other, but so far their ability to work together seems promising.

20140305_062024 (1)  Ginsburg

Since there are now two office frogs instead of just one, we have also decided to get bigger accommodations in the form of a medium-sized terrarium. We also made this move to have a bigger habitat that can be left in the front of the office near Alyssa’s desk where our clients can see them and say hello when they come in without having the take them out of Jeff’s office. While we are still saddened by the loss of Houdini, we are happy that Ginsburg and Brandeis are now part of our office.

20140305_061934 (2) Brandeis



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